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I have something to say to people who tell other people to stop editing fantaken photos


People like jeonghanas and stopeditingfantakenpics, if you’re going to do that type of thing, please do it right. I(and maybe others) keep getting mixed up with the people who edit non-editable fantaken pictures and it’s starting to get real annoying. Say it to the people who actually do that type of thing and ONLY to those people. Otherwise, you just look like you’re spouting nonsense that you really know nothing about. Don’t carelessly lump innocent people in with those people, making them look bad when they’ve done nothing. Honestly, I’m probably older than most fangirls on tumblr, I don’t need to be told whats right or wrong. That goes for plenty of others who are mature enough and don’t need your constant reminding.

Editing non-editable fantakens might be getting out of hand but if you keep accusing without really knowing if it’s wrong, you’re “assuming” it’s wrong, just making a guess and you’re wrong about it, you’re eventually going to look just as bad as the ones your trying to stop. You could say it was a “little mistake” but if you’re going to be talking about Law with this as I’ve seen, I feel that “little mistake” isn’t so little. Why? Because you’ve falsely accused someone innocent of a crime with serious consequences. That’s not little and even though you all have no real authority, you should still be more cautious of it because mistake or not, it’s wrong, very offensive and it’s insulting to be accused like that. I don’t like when people edit non-editable fantakens, I’m against it, and I don’t want fansites to shutdown but having someone tell me that’s what I’m doing when I’m not, when I’m against it, is far more annoying. In the past, I was understanding and I decided just to not say anything but it’s happened more than once and I don’t want it to keep happening. What they’re doing isn’t right but to keep falsely accusing someone isn’t right either even if it’s a mistake. You should be sure first, know all the facts and do what you’re doing right.

Lastly, you could at least have the decency to admit you were in the wrong, actually apologize and let people know so you don’t put an unnecessary bad mark a someone’s name. You talk about having respect so I just want to say please have some respect for the editors who edit the right way and follow the rules, thank you.

"It’s because I was playing with a Tigger stuffed animal when I was really small. I got it from my grandmother and grandfather, a Tigger stuffed animal was the first present I ever got. From when I was young until now, I’ve always had it. That’s why Tigger is a very special character to me."      -Bang Yongguk

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